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Valentine's Gift Guide: Gifts For Her

I LOVE love. Like seriously, give me all the pink, hearts, flowers, romcoms, and chocolate that comes to mind because I love it all! Guys, take it from Jennifer Anniston from The Break Up - every girl wants flowers. Even if she says she doesn't want them, get them for her anyways. And just like so many girls "hate" Valentine's Day (never been able to wrap my mind around this one), celebrate her and your love and relationship! It doesn't have to be a big grand gesture, so if you are looking for some fun ideas for gifts for the day, check out my guide below! I have gifts in several price ranges, and many of these are things I have received or given myself to my gals too!

1. Flowers that will last a year! These smell so so incredible and fill up so many rooms with their intoxicating scent. They are made to last a year, so yes, they are pricier than just a dozen or so roses, but they won't be dead by the end of the month. You can shop from 1 rose to customized boxes at this link here.

This cup cozy gets allllll the love every time I use it! Not only is it CUTE, but it keeps your hot drinks warm and keeps your hands from getting cold and wet with your iced drinks too. You just send a picture of your dog or cat to Angela, and she will get to knitting a custom-made cozy that looks exactly like your fur baby! See her work on her Instagram and order your cozy on her Etsy page!

If you ever need a gift for any occasion, this candle is a great go-to! I can't think of anyone who doesn't love this scent, and you can shop it at several retailers. I found it the cheapest here! You can even score a 4 pack here for under $100 as well!

This pretty little necklace comes in a pretty little blue box with a white ribbon, and they have so many different styles and finishes, even script in different words meaning the same thing. This is something simple that she can wear as her every day necklace, and when you are getting it from here, you'll hope that she does!

This is something that I am hoping to add to my personal collection for my wine walks - they are beautiful and the straws are necessary for helping me in my effort to not stain my teeth! They are under $17 for a two pack, so you may be able to add a bottle of your lady's favorite wine as well!

I got this gorgeous little glass dome - marble treat stand for Christmas and have been keeping it stocked with fresh baked treats ever since! If your love loves to bake, this is a beautiful way to display the treats and keep them fresh! It was $75, but price dropped to $58 here!

I think I have included this on more than one of my gift guides because I love it SO much! Some of y'all have written me about how much you like it and I am so happy, so I am sharing it again now! It is a light-up make-up mirror and I can't explain how much better my makeup turns out when I use it. It seems like a nice thing to have, and it is under $23! It has lights, a large mirror plus magnifying mirrors on either side, and it tilts so you can get all the angles right!

Everyone loves TACOS, and these special taco holders will make you feel v fancy whether you are enjoying homemade tacos, or a special box from Taco Bell! I found these today and hope that Cody gets the hint that I really like these and we need these considering all the tacos we consume!! These are under $17 for a set of 2, and will add some pizazz to your next taco night for sure!!

Ok this is BY FAR the sexiest gift you will ever find on my gift guides, so much so I am blushing just sharing it with you all! This is the Love is Art kit. My former boss created this idea years ago and decided to put it into a kit for everyone to enjoy. This kit contains "everything you need to safely create a work of art while being intimate with your partner." There are so many different colors you can order, so here is the link to get started!

I hope you enjoy these suggestions, please let me know if there are any things I should add!



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