• Kristin Johnston

Shocked by eShakti

Friends, I am so excited to share this fun brand with you!! eShakti is a women’s retailer offering sizes 0 to 36, and everything is custom-made for how you like it! They have dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, skirts, pants, even masks - you name it and they will hand craft a gorgeous piece for your wardrobe!

They have so many styles to choose from, from casual all the way to formal ready, and you can adjust so many things with each of their templates.

Take this gorgeous dress for example, I was able to select the length that I wanted, and they had many to choose from! This is great if you were preferring a longer or shorter length, or if you are a vertically challenged shopper! You won’t have to worry about visiting a tailor because the clothes will come exactly made for your body!

Since they make the clothes specifically for you right then and there when your order is placed, you know that they are being eco-friendly and conscious about not being a fast fashion company. The pieces are handcrafted just for you and the quality will last for years to come in your closet!

I know you would imagine that something custom-made would be extremely expensive, but this little dress was under $100! Most of their things are under that price range, so you know that you are getting your moneys worth!

I look forward to shopping with them for upcoming events where I know I will be getting a one of a kind piece! Be sure to check out their website, and you can see some more fashions on their Instagram as well!



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