• Kristin Johnston

National Spouse’s Day 2020

Happy National Spouses Day to the number 1 guy in my life!! Every day has been an adventure since the day we met (below) and I thank God every night in my prayers for bringing you into my life!

These are some of my favorite pictures of our adventures, but what I wish I could show the world are the moments in between the snapshots.

Like how the Paris pic took some convincing, but I knew that deep down you would do anything to make me smile, even if it means me clumsily climbing all over you with my dirty shoes so we could get the most fun shot in front of the Eiffel Tower 🥰

Or how just 2 days after that oceanic swing set pic you were holding my hair when I was so so sick from food poisoning on our Honeymoon - in sickness and in health was tested pretty early 😝

Or how shortly after that fun ambulance pic I got pooped on by a bird and we laughed and laughed and you helped me clean it up with one of Teddy’s baby wipes 😂

The London pic was from our most international adventure where you took me for our first vacation post-boys! You know how important it is to pour into our marriage and have time for just US - which is why we end up staying up way too late most nights after we put Sawyer and Teddy to bed, you value time with me even if it comes at the expense of sleep.

I love you so much Cody, and am so joyful every day that we chose each other and continue to choose each other day in and day out 💕

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