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Gift guide for your guys

Whether its that special guy in your life, your dad, bonus dad, father in law, or guy bff, shopping for men can be difficult! Even this Valentine's week I have seen so many women asking various groups on social media for ideas and ladies, as much as you are a gift in his life, its nice to show a little love in something a little more tangible than "Hi, its me, I am your gift." Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time I saw that as an answer for the question I would be having my assistant type out this blog post while someone hand fed me tacos on the deck of my private yacht, ok? Ok maybe not, but you get the point. Below are some of the tried and tested gifts the men in my life have received and loved, along with a few other fun options that may be gifted in the near future! Nearly all are shoppable on my amazon page:

This Globe Decanter Set is under $60 and perfect for the bar, home office, or man cave! I got this for Cody a few years ago and it is such a fun piece he keeps in his office!

If your guy is into gadgets or fitness, this headset is a MUST! It is a little on the pricier side, but they do discounts occasionally for holidays, so keep an eye out around those days! This device basically shoots stuff to your brain electronically so that you can learn faster and train better. Athletes swear by it and since getting it for Christmas, Cody loves how it helps him before the gym! You can shop this here.

Apple Watch - need I say more? These are awesome. I love mine and everyone who has one loves it too! Shop these here. And you know its a good gift if Scheana Shay continually holds it over Max's head for ghosting her! (only my VPR fans will know what I'm talking about!!)

Another apple-related product, sorry not sorry, but Cody LOVES his AirPods (which I annoyingly always call his EarPods haha!) This case will keep those babies safe when not in use! This one is under $22!

This super rugged-while-still-gorgeous weekend tote is something every man could use! This one is under $70, so if your budget is a little more than that, you can even throw in some fun travel-size items for your next adventure together!

If your man is an avid reader, this book is one that I got for Cody after hearing about it on the Fohr podcast. The Rockefellers are such an interesting part of American history, and this book is sure to be a page-turner! Get your copy here.

Golfing and guys go together like football and farting, its just something men do. This putting green is great for practice and won't take up too much space in your place since it folds up when not in use! Its under $45 and has excellent reviews as well!

And for those with an unlimited budget, I present the Ferrari - totally kidding, but if you are in that tax bracket, claps to ya! Joking aside, some of the favorite things I have given and received have been gifts of experiences, and if you are in the Atlanta area, I highly recommend The Xtreme Experience where you can drive these sports cars how they're meant to be driven - FAST! I got Cody this experience a few years ago for his birthday and it was a blast!

I hope you found something for the guys in your life and would love to hear if you gifted any of these things too! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @kristintiffiny for more fun and affordable gift ideas!

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