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Atlanta's Best Injectables - Dysport and Restylane at Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery

If you have been following me for a while, you may remember when I posted about taping my face at night to prevent wrinkles. This was something that I did because I was still nursing and unable to get my normal facial treatments. The wrinkles were setting in and I HAD to find something until I could see the doctor about starting my anti-aging treatments again! This was something that I had been getting since my mid20s as a preventative measure, and now that I am quickly approaching mid30s, it is something I need to keep up! I had been bouncing around town chasing the best "deal" and even used a coupon service once for my treatments only to be told that I needed to pay more for additional units - total scam, as I have a fairly small forehead and didn't have many lines at that time! Fast forward to a few weeks ago...

I was so happy to find Dr. Robinson of Robinson Facial Plastic Surgery! Dr. Robinson is a double board certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon with over 25 years of experience. I knew I was in the very best hands.

Our consultation was a breeze and we talked about several anti-aging injectables, some that I had already used a similar brand of, and some that were completely new to me. We decided to go with Dysport for my fine lines on my forehead and crows feet - this temporarily paralyzes the muscle so that the face is relaxed and prevented from making the faces that cause the lines. I am a stay-at-home mother of two toddlers and I make faces ALL the time so that has sped up those wrinkles a great deal!

I also wanted to get a little bit of an arch/lift for my brows, and Dr. Robinson was able to inject in specific parts of the muscle to help create this lift - it did wonders for my brows as they normally look shapeless and fairly straight. I got a slight lift that made my brows have a very nice shape to them!

As we age, our body's collagen is broken down and our face loses fullness in all areas including our lips. I have always had smaller lips and used different tools/glosses/liners to try to plump them up before taking pictures or going out. When Dr. Robinson first mentioned these Restylane injections I was a little nervous - would it hurt a lot? Would I walk out of there looking like a who from whoville? Would it be super noticeable? He ensured me that he uses a specific top-to-bottom lip ratio and could leave me with a very natural looking result.

As for pain management - there were 3 options I could take and I could use any combination or all of them. Ice, numbing cream, or a dental block shot so that I would not feel anything at all. Well, I am a huge baby, but I opted for the first two and we applied the numbing cream and let it sit for a few minutes. When they asked if it was working I literally started drooling on myself it was that good! Between that and the ice I barely felt a thing!

I left feeling excited for my results and couldn't wait for them to set in and give me that fresh, rejuvenated look!

Now it has been a few weeks and I am SO happy with how everything looks! My fine lines are long gone and the little arch in my brows makes it so much easier to do that part of my makeup!

LIPS - my goodness I have been a take it or leave it when it comes to lip color, if I am out I will put on a color very similar to my natural color, and if I have a nice event I will put on some lipstick, but having this extra little plump has made me so so happy to experiment with different fun colors and I wear color every time I put on any make-up! I feel like I look like the best version of myself, and when you look better you tend to feel better too!

If you are wanting to look your best, I cannot recommend Dr. Robinson and his team enough. The entire staff is so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable there. You know you are in the best hands in Atlanta, and he will talk through and answer any of your questions and put you to ease during your consultation.

Current specials include $100 off 2 areas for Dysport treatment, or $200 off of 3 areas. For my friends wanting that extra little plump in their lips, he is offering my friends a discount of $195 per syringe of Restylane! These are normally $695, but mention me and you can get yours for $500! This deal is good through July 31, 2019!

I have answered a lot of the questions about these on my Instagram and saved it to my highlights videos, but if you have any more questions feel free to shoot me a message or you can also reach Dr. Robinson's team here on their site, or via DM on their Instagram page.

Much love and full lip smooches!


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