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How to Choose the Best Stroller for You

Nothing matches the stress in choosing the right stroller for your babies. Choosing the perfect stroller can be very intimidating, especially if you’re newbies at parenting.

Recently, I’ve discovered SleeplessParent.com - a new website that helps parents find the ideal gears and kits for their kids and babies.

What if they told you that you shouldn’t be buying fully reclining strollers if your babies are older than 3 months? Or did you also know that some strollers are better suited for parents with a particular height for convenience? Now these may look unfamiliar to you because you have yet to discover it until now, but SleeplessParent.com provides you with these facts in order to make the right choices without having to regret later on.

The super intelligent and fun stroller finder which utilizes the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology is an online questionnaire that is designed to filter the appropriate results that match your specific requirements. Based on your children’s age, your height, transportation preferences, hobbies, number of kids and the type of house you live in, it will help you find the perfect stroller for you.

What makes the stroller finder unlike any other is the ease of use, it’s way easier than what you might expect! Imagine having to buy a stroller online and still face the same emotional trauma you get trying to buy these in person. I bet you don’t and so you only get to answer 6 simple questions and bang, the online questionnaire immediately processes the answers you have provided and brings up the best choices that fit your needs.

You shouldn’t be spending the extra time and effort in trying to do all the heavy lifting job when choosing a baby stroller. Check it out and see for yourself here!

Funny thing, I’ve just completed the online questionnaire and the first place stroller is the Baby Jogger City Mini, which I actually have and adore. Love it!

Let me know how you like this awesome tool!

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