• Kristin Johnston

The anti-wrinkle treatment in your junk drawer!

Unless you’re #blessed with amazing genetics, you probably started noticing those pesky little lines popping up on your face in your late 20s - wrinkles! Ack!!

Between all the sunbathing and tanning beds I visited in my teens and early 20s, and the faces I am constantly making at my toddlers and husband, some deep lines had set in over the last few years. I had been visiting medspas since my mid twenties and had been wearing sunscreen religiously, so things started getting better! But - when the babies came and nursing took over, I couldn’t get Botox like I used to! I tried so many different products, otc treatments, dermaplaning, microneedling - nothing was working like my tried and true injections. So I did what most people do next - I turned to the internet for help, and the internet did not disappoint! I found an AMAZING video and have made a few changes over the years with the product I use, and chances are YOU ALREADY HAVE IT! Check it out below!

My anti-wrinkle trick is safe to use while pregnant, nursing, trying to become pregnant, not trying to become pregnant - its good for any thing - just AS ALWAYS check with your doctor first if you want to start a new thing! Check out my before pics - February 2017, and my after pic from September 2018! Yes the lighting helped, but the wrinkles REALLY have improved so so much!

What do y'all think? I love to hear your results after using trying it!



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