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Kid-friendly and styled living spaces

What do you think of when you imagine a living room in a home with toddlers? I thought having kids meant having a living room covered in toys, stained furniture, and primary color shades everywhere, but instead I have done my best to maintain my Strollers & Stilettos mission statement in effect: maintaining style and a sense of self through motherhood.

I have a few tips that I have implemented in our home that have been tried and tested with two children from birth - toddler age! Shop my living room here.

The first thing is the sofa. When we were shopping for a sofa for our new space, we visited several stores and narrowed it down to this piece and another one from a high-end store. What sold me? Every.Single.Cover. Is machine-washable! Having two children, a dog, and a sometimes clumsy spouse (and myself) means this sofa has SEEN IT ALL. Nearly every bodily function has happened on this sofa. Drool, pee, spit up, snot, and yep, even a blowout or two have all happened, but guess what - you simply remove the cover, wash it, and pop it back on a couple hours later! I actually caught Sawyer drawing on it with a pink pen the other day and tried to remove the ink a baby wipe and it worked!

Another bonus? You can totally change this sofa by rebuilding it in endless configurations by moving each piece around or by switching up the fabric covers. Oh, and the base pieces come with a lifetime warranty! Add this sofa to your home by shopping here.

Another piece that is a must-have if your living room gets lived in is a place to tuck away those toys that get so loved during the day. This one is hidden away in the corner and has been quite useful in teaching the boys about cleaning up at the end of the day as well! It comes in many different colors including this slate grey, and is under $100. Shop this sweet little storage bench here.

I LOVE our little round pedestal farmhouse table, with its beautiful antique grey finish and wide wooden slats. The finish is rough in that you don't have to worry about toy cars being driven across and scratching the wood, but still soft enough that it is easy to clean. Our chairs might scare some people - white dining chairs with toddlers! Again, these are machine-washable! We keep a beach towel over Sawyer's chair during meals, and should anything get past that, its just popped in the wash and good as new. If you like any of these kitchen breakfast nook pieces, you can shop them here.

What tips or tricks have you learned? I would love to hear them in the comments below or on my instagram @kristintiffiny and be sure to follow me there if you aren't already yet! I have also upped my Pinterst pinning lately and would love for you to check out my pins and follow me there as well!

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