• Kristin Johnston

An Eye Cream That Works!

In December I celebrated my 34th birthday and while I was so happy to have taken another trip around the sun, I was not happy with the damage from the sun I had been welcoming on my skin in the years prior. I have reached the dreaded age where I have to deal with both the occasional blemish AND wrinkles! Sure, we can treat blemishes with an OTC acne treatment, and we can Botox away those wrinkles, but the under eye area is so sensitive and tricky to tackle!

In recent years I have tried no less than half a dozen creams and serums all promising to rejuvenate that area. I would get my hopes up, spend a ton of money, and try the cream and hope that in just a little more time I would see some results. I never did, and I would always religiously finish the entire vial just wishfully thinking that I would see a change. Different things work for different people, but I was starting to believe that there was just nothing on the market that would work wonders on my under-eye area.

In came VII Code and their T2 eye cream. It was fit for a queen - literally! The creators were asked by The King of Austria, Francis II, to share their special formula with his wife and keep it a secret until her passing - exclusive much? Yas Kween - royal in my own mind, I was so excited to try it out!

The cream is packed with necessary nutrients like Evening Primrose, Elderberry, and all my Avocado lovers, its got that too! It goes on smoothly and I used it in the evening and also in the morning under my makeup. It has a nice, light scent, and absorbs quickly. I recommend applying with the ring finger as to not apply too much pressure or pull too much at that sensitive skin. I noticed a significant difference in the smoothness of my skin and my makeup went on much smoother in that area as the skin began to heal - this noticeable difference only took a few days of using it twice a day!

If you are looking to change up your eye cream or introduce it to your skin regimen, I highly recommend the T2 cream, and if you have other needs like treating dark circles, or needing some extra love and hydration, they have some deluxe products to fix you right up as well that you can hope here! If you enter your email, you can get a discount, and free shipping comes with all purchases as well!

Thank you so much to VII for sponsoring this post, I am so excited to be a VII user for life!

Much love,



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