• Kristin Johnston

A day at Spa Sydell!

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Spa Sydell at their gorgeous Perimeter location! They are under new ownership and management and making some beautiful changes to this location, but what will not change is their impeccable service and just how amazing you will feel after your visit!

I stopped in last week and enjoyed a 60 minute deep tissue massage with master masseuse Grecko, followed by a hydra facial with Melissa!

Upon entering, I was in awe of how beautiful the lobby was decorated, with gorgeous shiplap, stunning decor, and immaculately placed products. It was already a very serene setting, and I immediately felt at peace.

I was invited to relax while I filled out a few forms and was offered some herbal tea as well. After this I was taken to their womens room to change into a fluffy robe and get ready for my massage. Grecko was my masseuse and we talked about my needs and any areas of concern.

Before he left so I could get onto the table he offered the add-on of the CBD oil to my massage. Unfortunately I had to decline this as I am still nursing baby Teddy for a few months - he pulled the information regarding any side effects and as of now there just isn't any information if this gets into nursing mothers' milk supply. I do look forward to trying it soon though! I asked y'all on my Instastories if you had tried it and surprisingly 50% of you had! I am living under a rock while breastfeeding, I did not know it was so popular! Everyone who said they had used it absolutely raved about it, so I am excited to see the extra relaxation it can provide! Spa Sydell offers a couple different strengths/levels of their oil, so be sure to check out their options!

Grecko and the massage were amazing! Prior to this, Cody and I had been doing some updates to our kitchen and I was very sore. Grecko found so many knots and worked them out perfectly! I really liked how he talked about my areas of concern, needs, and pressure level beforehand, and checked in a couple times during the massage to make sure I was getting the strength I wanted. Go see him!

After the massage I went on to their facial suite where I was greeted by Melissa who is now someone I call friend! She was amazing and explained in easy terms everything that she did during my hydra facial treatment. Since I am nursing, they tailored the facial to meet those safety needs, but she also went above and beyond to add a few other things on to meet my skin needs! This treatment was AMAZING. Getting a facial is my new favorite thing to do at the spa because of this experience!

Since my treatment was a little different, I asked her to explain what was done and she was so nice to send it over to me! She said:

Kristin, on you we customized this treatment to use a light enzyme exfoliant instead of a chemical peel. This will still help to even the skintone and remove any dead skin cells. Then we used a 1064 laser to just target the 2 small areas where there was some congestion and enlarged pores. After doing extractions we have removed a majority of any debris clogging the pores. But, by adding the no downtime laser treatment we were able to go down into the pore and remove any remaining dirt or oil. Then as the light laser tightens and constricts the pore, preventing it from becoming clogged again! Lastly, we applied a peptide & antioxidant serum to the skin. Followed by Red Light Therapy to help penetrate the product deep under the surface of the skin & reduce any redness or inflammation. This combination allows for a results oriented treatment with out the risk of irritation! It is great for ALL skin types and can be tailored for any skin care concern. Each time leaving the skin looking polished, rejuvenated and glowing!

All in all this was my favorite visit to a spa, and I discovered my new favorite thing - facials! Spa Sydell has several locations around the Atlanta area, so check them out at their site Spa Sydell. They are always doing something fun and different for their specials so be sure to check those out too!

Thank you so much to SS for sponsoring this post! What is your favorite thing to do at the spa?



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