• Kristin Johnston


PTL for PSL!! Its not even fall, yet PSL season is here y'all! Whether you are grabbing your PSL from the Starbucks drive thru or pureeing your own pumpkin to make an organic version at home, those who truly appreciate that autumn goodness are enjoying this season already!

I have teamed up with Front Porch Apparel to do a fun giveaway in celebration of this wonderful season! We will be giving away the CUTEST PSL shirt I have ever seen - it says "PTL for PSL" and in case you're not down with all those acronyms, it means Praise The Lord for Pumpkin Spice Lattes! This shirt is made of the softest cotton and will be perfect this entire pumpkin spice everything season, I mean fall, from sipping in the mornings when you have to enjoy it iced to enjoying it searing hot when we finally get those cooler temps we are yearning for!

In addition to this sweet tee, we are giving away a $25 gift card to Starbucks and one of these cute reusable cups - go green y'all!

Head over to my Instagram page for all the details at instagram.com/kristintiffiny

Good luck babes!


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