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The 3 things to remove ASAP from your closet

If you are like me, every August you anxiously and eagerly await the release of Vogue's biggest issue of the year: the September issue. This is THE book for looking forward to what designers have been creating for the masses, what will be so so hot the following spring, and what will eventually, no doubt, influence numerous upcoming seasons of fashion. I like to think of the scene in Devil Wears Prada where Anna Wintour - I mean - Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, educates Anne Hathaway's character about her cerulean "clearance bin sweater."

Not only is this a place to look for the upcoming trends, but it is a place to see what we need to remove from our closets: trends that are dying (RIP low rise pants), things that have seen better days, and things that are out of their prime due to different changes in our lives (I rid my closet of alllll my "club" dresses after having my first child and thanked them for the memories and free drinks).

After thinking on it though and looking through my own closet and into my full length mirror, I realized there are 3 things that we ALL have had in our closets and seen on ourselves in the mirror that we have GOT to get rid of. Uggs? Micro mini skirts? Cropped outerwear?

Are you ready for it?

Here are the top 3 things you need to remove ASAP:

1. Negativity. That voice in your head telling you that ya don't look your best? Tell her "GIRL, BYE!" Thoughts that cloud your mind and bring you down are sooooo out this season. We are in a time of body positivity - what a time to be alive! If you struggle with how you look when getting dressed, BE KIND to yourself. Force a smile, heck - force a power pose to get those positive juices flowing sister! Beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes and colors and ages - it took society a while to get here, but here we are! Beauty shines from within, so once you can start seeing your true beauty, you will shine that out to the world and everyone else will too! This season replace Negative Nancy with a Positive Polly, and listen to her - she's your true friend.

2. Self-doubt. Yes honey!! Let's pull that out of the closet and don't even think about putting it in the corner in your "donate" pile where it will continue to sit and collect dust - throw it out with yesterday's trash! You may be asking yourself, where am I in my life? How did I get here? When you are doubting yourself, dig deep, think back, and remember you have strength you have certainly found before and used to get yourself through the tough times. You are special, you are important, and you are loved. We all have gotten off track at one point or another, so use that confidence to pull yourself together and get back to creating the life you want and deserve.

3. Comparison. Stay in your lane! Remember everyone is on a different page, everyone has a different genetic makeup, everyone has a different history, everyone has their own thing they are struggling with, not to mention that social media is everyone's highlight reel. Not one person is perfect in this world. When we compare ourselves to others, whether it be "how is she so successful already?" or "how did she get back in to her pre-baby jeans a week after giving birth?" or even "why can't my life be perfect like hers?" - we are truly overshadowing the greatness in our lives. Teddy Roosevelt said it best: Comparison is the thief of joy. Why rob yourself of the joy that you HAVE created for yourself? You are unique, there is no one else in the world who can compare, there is "no one you-er than you!" as Dr. Seuss says! Think of the beautiful quote below if the other ones still aren't doing it for ya.

Well, that's all for today friends! I hope you enjoyed this list and that you get to cleaning out that closet now! Did I leave out anything? Feel free to drop me a line about something in your closet you are getting rid of, and remember to be kind to yourself and each other!

Much love!


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