• Kristin Johnston

Trusting in His Timing

This old pic popped up on my “On this day” last week and made me smile. It was from that day 6 years ago! In spite of my big smile, I was at a fairly low point in my life, wasn’t sure where my path was going, what I was doing with my career, wondering if I would find a nice guy soon - most of us have been at this point where we just hope that whatever is NEXT will get here already! I had just made a very conscious decision to focus on myself and the things that I enjoyed and made me smile, like making my new condo the girliest bachelorette pad ever. I learned just what I was capable of on my own - painting the condo a beautiful hot pink all by myself and tackling building this crazy complicated sofa all by myself too! My mom (the strongest, hardest working woman I know) was in town visiting me and offered to help me build it too. I declined because I wanted to be able to say I did it 100% on my own and know it was another thing I didn’t need no man for! I was on a little bit of a #girlpower trip here in case you can’t tell. I felt strong and independent but I also longed for the next big thing in my life and wondered how long God was trying to teach me patience. Little did I know, after making my place the pinkest sparkliest girliest condo in Buckhead, creating a little “Rocky shrine” on my foyer bookshelf, and putting together this tres chic white leather sofa - after doing all these things to establish myself as a strong, independent, 20something year old woman - I would meet my future husband THIS NIGHT in the CRAZIEST, is-this-real-life-or-a-movie-type of way. My point is this, focus on you and your growth and the things you love and God will bring you what you need when it is time. Trust that He knows what he is doing. His timing is never wrong. Stay strong in your faith, He’s not finished with you yet and is writing a beautiful story with your life!!

When has God surprised you with His timing?

Many blessings,


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