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It's National Pizza Day!

I know you all know of my fondness for tacos, but I can definitely stray for another favorite of mine - PIZZA! Today is National Pizza Day and The 2018 Winter Olympics is on, how much more patriotic can we get y'all?

There are many pizza places around the country serving up deals for today including FREE PIZZA! Check out those deals on this Thrillist article.

If making pizza at home is more your thing, you have to try Pot Pie Pizza! I saw this come across my news feed about a year ago and made it with my friends on our next girls night in! You will need the following:

- ceramic bowls

- pizza dough - I prefer the fresh dough found near the bakery at the grocery store. Usually makes 2 personal pot pies.

- pizza sauce - you can get the stuff in a jar, make your own, or do like me and use bruschetta sauce. I liked the way it turned out using this instead!

- your favorite toppings, or insides for your pie! We used pepperoni, olives, banana peppers, fresh mushrooms, diced meatballs, and fresh mozzarella!

- cheese! They used Wisconsin brick cheese in the original recipe, but we used sandwich sliced provolone - you can use whatever cheese you like, but I would stay away from cheddar as it melts a lot.

- butter - you will need about 1/2 tbsp in each bowl/pie


1. Preheat oven as directed on the dough package.

2. Melt the butter and brush it around the insides and edges of the ceramic bowls

3. Take 4 slides of cheese and lay them on the inside of the bowl to cover it.

4. Add your toppings and top with pizza sauce.

5. Stretch the dough over the top of the bowl so that it covers the edges. Dough should be about 1/4" thick and go down around the edge the bowl about 1/2"

6. Bake according to dough instructions

7. Carefully remove bowl from oven and place an upside down plate on the top of the bowl. Flip the bowl and plate over so the plate is right side up and the bowl is upside down laying on the plate.

8. Using a knife, carefully cut between the bowl and the edge of the baked dough until you have cut all the way around the bowl. Lift the bowl and...


This has become a favorite in our house and it is pretty easy to make! It is hard to mess up too - we totally didn't use specific measurements for the ingredients and they all turned out amazing!

What is your favorite type of pizza?

Much love,


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