• Kristin Johnston

Favorites for Fall!

I can't help but get giddy with excitement when the weather finally cools off and I can layer up in my fall favorites! Living in Georgia this season always seems to take FOREVER to get too since our temps hang around the 70s until late October!

That being said, I have made a list of my favorite accessories for fall! Most everything I have linked is under $100, with just a few over $50!

Guys - because I know I have some guy followers/readers - these are great things to add to your gift ideas list for any of the ladies in your life!

Leopard scarf - $19

OTK boots - some on sale for $61!

Leopard beanie - $15

Red rain boots - starting around $110 on sale!

Moto jacket - on sale for under $50

Floppy hats - $39

Herringbone vest - on sale for $30!

Shop all of these at my ShopStyle link!

What are your fall favorites? Any closet staples I need to add to my own wardrobe?

Much love!


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