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Sprinkle for Baby #2

Ok, so, not to brag, but I have the BEST friends and mom, and they threw the cutest sprinkle last week for baby #2! They threw me an amazing baby shower for Sawyer not even 2 years ago and the theme was a Winter Wonderland, complete with Christmas lights strung from the rafters and an adorable smores bar for guests!

The girls asked me about a shower for baby #2, but since we are having another boy, I felt a little...greedy? having another shower! We were so fortunate to receive so many wonderful gifts at our shower for Sawyer, and this being our second bouncing boy, what more did we need? All I could think of was diapers, diapers, and more diapers! Instead of having a whole shower, the party was a gentle sprinkle to show the new baby some love. This was a great way to see a lot of my friends together, have some wonderful girl time, and share in the excitement of our soon-to-be new addition!

The theme of the shower was perfect: Diapers and Donuts! Kelly and Chamberlain are such creative minds and when they get together, you know its going to be good! I have planned several other parties with these ladies and it always is so picture perfect, so I wanted to share it with you!

Here is the delicious - and sprinkle covered - food spread!

And the decorations were so cute - and also covered in sprinkles! They even set up a "Pimp your cupcake" station where we all learned we don't have a hidden talent for cake decorating haha!

I love these girls so much!

If you want to throw a sprinkle with this theme, Kelly designed the cutest invite on etsy and you can get yours here.

Moms of more than 1, what were some things you included on your registry the second time around?

Much love!


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