• Kristin Johnston

Ruffles + Off-the-shoulder

You already know I love all things off-the-shoulder, but add a ruffle and I am fully on board! Style hack: this cotton dress can go from conservative to sexy by wearing the sleeves up like a normal shirt to pulling them down for the OTS look! If you don't want to go full sexiness, you can opt for a one shoulder up/one shoulder down look!

This is NOT a maternity dress, but I added a belt to accentuate the growing bump! This belt is actually orange but the back of it is gold and I liked that better with these shoes (and as a Georgia grad, you know I will never knowingly wear orange and blue together! ;) GO DAWGS!)

I linked a bunch of my favorite OTS dresses and most are under $40! My shoes are also still 50% off, and THIS WEEK my monogram necklace is on sale for 25% off here with code "JULYCHRISTMAS" - I am wearing the Lauren 2" monogram in rose gold!

Shop this entire look at: http://www.shopstyle.com/collective/strollersandstilettos/42917422 ;)

Pregnancy related - I am 15 weeks today and feeling great! It is getting a little tougher to sleep with the bump since I am usually a stomach sleeper, but I am pulling out the snoogle pillow in the next few days! Hormones are wreaking havoc on my face and that isn't a glow - thats just the extreme redness from my breakouts! I think that should subside soon though! What are your favorite pregnancy must-haves? What do you wish you had? Spill the details to this second-time mommy!

Much love!


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