• Kristin Johnston

Happy Amazon Prime Day!

With Amazon Day today, its a wonder all the shopping doesn't break the internet! I have found some pretty fun things on Amazon, things you wouldn't think to get probably, and I have done a roundup of all of my favorite purchases - just click the pic! What are some of the things you love to get through this AMAZing retailer?

1. This coverup is so beautiful and comes in 2 colors - it flows beautifully in the ocean breeze and ties in the back to your measurements for a one-size-fits-all style!

2. You can order this from overseas, or you can order it through Amazon Prime and get it in 2 days! I get so many compliments on this swimsuit, and the quality is amazing! It fit true to size, and I ordered a small.

3. This amazing shirt was so easy to use those first few months! Forget wrapping when all you need to do is put on this shirt and pop your baby in kangaroo-style. It lets baby be close to mommy and also gives mom a hand or two free to get things done! This is a MUST-HAVE for any registry, and if it is not on a mom-to-be's registry, I can promise you she won't mind if you go off the registry just this once for this amazing shirt. Also a proceed of their sales go to help women-owned businesses in Africa. How awesome is that?

6. This lotion has completely changed the way my face feels! I normally just would put on any moisturizer but when my old stuff ran out, I found a sample of this in my closet. That tiny sample lasted for over a week and in that time I felt a huge difference in the texture of my face! I highly recommend this product!

7. This stroller fan has been the best investment for Sawyer during these hot summer months! Our stroller is black, which everyone knows attracts heat, but this little fan kept a nice breeze on him during those hot hot walks! We have had so many people stop us on the street and ask us where we got it - some people without kids have even said they were getting one for themselves! I highly recommend this product!

Thats all for now friends, I would love to hear about your favorite purchases from Amazon!

Much love,


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