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Baby #2 is a....

Last week we were so excited to share with y'all our news about baby #2 - but what would this baby be? We did the blood work test at week 10 and found out a few days later!

We are SO excited for Sawyer to be a big brother and hope that he will love his new role with his sibling!

We ordered this exploding golf ball from my friend's family's company! They have so many items other than golf balls so you are sure to find something that will be so fun for your reveal! You can check out the selection here: https://www.poofthereitis.com

I have to tell y'all just what a great experience this was. I checked in with TopGolf Alpharetta to make sure that the exploding ball would be ok to use on their course and was AMAZED at the excellent service the team there provided. Jeff contacted me and put me in touch with one of his operations managers, Brian. To say Brian went above and beyond would not describe just what he did for us! He wanted this to be extra special so he went ALL out, getting two bagfuls of balloons, confetti, and exploding poppers to shower us with once Cody hit the ball! He even surprised us with a little ice cream treat and a huge balloon with the gender on it! TopGolf even has the capability to turn the holes pink or blue and he offered to do that too, but since we had to get baby #1 home to bed at a reasonable time we had to pass on that. Brian even got nearly all of his staff that was working at the time to sign a card for us! I was so touched that someone would go to such an extra effort for us, and because he did, this memory will be with us for a lifetime. Thank you SO much Brian and Jeff and the rest of the amazing staff at TopGolf who made this an unforgettable experience for us. This was Brian's first time doing a gender reveal, but I think he knocked it out of the park with this one, so if you are planning on a fun event be sure to contact him! He's the best y'all!

Much love til next time!

Kristin, Cody, Sawyer, and Baby #2 :)

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