• Kristin Johnston

1 Dress : 2 Looks

Ahhhh Summer - SO hot here in the south, but the evenings can be cool, especially at the beach! This style dress can easily go from hot to cool temps with just a tuck of the sleeves!

I learned this trick when I was at a baby shower last year - what was I thinking wearing sleeves to an outdoor garden party in June in Georgia? Instead of turning in to a sweaty mess, I took off the sleeves and tucked them inside my dress and realized this dress had 2 cute looks! This style dress is flattering on all body types, great for a baby bump AND post baby body if you're not wanting form fitting clothes just yet too!

This dress is from last year, but I linked a few below that have the off-the-shoulder top and sleeves that can easily be tucked away if your arms need to breathe! My shoes are ALSO on super sale and so comfortable!

What are some wardrobe "hacks" you've come up with?

Much love!


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