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Announcing Baby #2

Sawyer has been so much fun, we decided to add another one! Baby #2 will be here in early January 2018! We are so so excited to share this joy with you all! We pray for a big family and God is answering our prayers one by one. This little baby will be 12 weeks on Wednesday and we have our second ultrasound tomorrow! I can't wait to see the tiny features and I hope baby is awake and excited to show us who he or she is!

For the last month I have not been feeling so great, which is why I have not posted in over a month (!!!). Luckily, just like with Sawyer, I have not been sick even once, but the nausea was a little worse this first trimester. I have had this horrible cough-gag in the mornings, I get so tired by the afternoon that I nap too when Sawyer does, and the evenings I am just nauseous. Thankfully Cody has been so helpful and is making sure I eat enough even when I don't feel like it. I definitely haven't felt like cooking so its been a lot of soups and sandwiches for dinner for him - he doesn't mind and has seemed to enjoy those meals just as much as the other ones I usually cook!

My bump popped out much faster the second time around and its been hard to hide, especially after a big meal, and I am already in my maternity clothes again! So much for that summer body I was working so hard for in the gym ha! I don't mind my baby bump one bit and love watching it grow every day. I am one of those types who LOVES being pregnant and I count each day as a blessing!

For the photos, I was so excited that our annual family beach trip coincided with the end of my first trimester! We took our pictures on the beach during the golden hour in the evening. I set up the shot and my sweet mom - who has no photography experience - got down in the sand in her dress to get the shots for us! I edited them in iPhotos and am SO so happy with how they turned out! I hope they give other growing families some inspiration for their announcement or maternity photo shoot!

I also had a lot of people ask how I found all of our names and "Baby #2" on Coke bottles! Fortunately I did not have to scour all the shelves for these and neither do you - no matter what your name is! You can order yours at shareacoke.com! Being from Georgia and living where Coke is headquartered, I felt it was a nice touch to make the pics more personalized. If you are planning a shoot think of elements that are unique to you and your area, they make excellent props and focal points!

As for my bikini - this was one I got for my honeymoon 2 years ago from Victoria's Secret - rip their swim line, right? :(

I can't link this exact suit, but I did link several others here!

I apologize for being MIA during the month of May, but I am SO excited to bring cute maternity looks to all my future mommies out there over the next 6 months! What do you want to see?

Much love,


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