• Kristin Johnston

Southern Snow Day

Here in the south we get maybe one snow day a year. This means with the threat of any snow the entire city shuts down, schools are closed, people are encouraged to stay off the roads, and I even noticed that the lights at Chic-Fil-A were off too. Most businesses shut for the day and everyone is home playing in the 1/2" as best they can - I even saw a couple cute little snowmen, and when I say little I mean they were probably 6" tall at best!

For my fellow fashionistas it means not being embarrassed to bust out your snow boots you've been dying to wear. I bought these boots back in October in the hopes I would use them in Ohio for the holidays, but ended up using them here in Georgia instead. No matter if your day was spend inside by the fire or outside with your kids trying to use a sled on our sad little snow, I hope you enjoyed it! What is your favorite way to spend a snow day?

Much love till next time,


Jacket (wearing a Small) / Boots (similar here) / Hat / Sunglasses

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