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Wow! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! When I started thinking out loud about blogging, I got a lot of the same questions - What will it be about? Why? How will you have time to do that?

In a short answer this blog will be about a little bit of everything: Mommy lifestyle, fashion, beauty, fitness, decor/design, food, and faith.

As for the why, that is a little bit longer. After being pregnant for 9 months and then being a mom for over 8 months, I have learned a LOT. It was such a great feeling having my other soon-to-be mommies asking me questions and even better seeing them later enjoy the things I recommended. Among many baby products and tips and tricks, I learned a lot about myself too over the last few months. I learned that even though I am a mom now, I am still Kristin - I guess I got wrapped up totally in mommyhood for a few months before I realized not only could I still have my own hobbies and interests, but that I SHOULD have these things. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom, but it is so important to still be true to yourself. It was time to finally put away those maternity leggings I had grown to love so much, and pick up the things that I didn't realize I was missing - my cute skinny jeans(fashion), and a hairbrush for goodness sake(beauty). I did not have to be a "hot mess" mom just because I had an infant at home. I got back into working out and shedding my mom-bod pounds (fitness) and feel so great. After this adjustment to being a new mom, I have finally gotten into the swing of things and feel great. Finding a good balance has been tough, but I feel like I have found that and am so happy. I want to share my little joys with whoever I can.

Regarding the time: I set up my email and Instagram accounts already and did that all while nursing Sawyer to sleep. Working from home has taught me how to multitask like a mother - literally! I get so much of my work done for my job while Sawyer nurses and naps on top of me on his pillow! I have found that like all things with mommying - you just DO IT. From waking up 5-6 times a night to making dinner while holding a crying baby to changing an exploded diaper on a very squirmy baby - you just DO these things. You figure out a way to make them happen. And that is what I am going to do with this blog.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts, and I would love feedback about what y'all want to read about too! I am NO expert, but the things I have learned along the way have worked great for us (so far), and if they can help anyone else well then I would call that a success.

Sending you much love til next time,


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