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First Time Mom: First Things First

With all the excitement of becoming a mom, a lot of focus is on the baby, but let's not forget YOU, I mean, you're the one creating this little person inside you! You've got a long 9 months ahead, so you better get comfortable - literally! The old saying goes "If mama ain't happy, no body is happy" and the same goes for the baby inside you. These are my 7 favorite items that made me feel cushy as I got cushier myself!

Barefoot Dreams Robe - I know, I know, it says it's a robe. But once you slip this on, you will be living in this no matter if you're in the streets or sheets. It's softness will literally rival that of your newborn's baby-soft skin.

BumpStart Maternity Ruched T-Shirt Two-Pack - go ahead and get multiples in different colors, patterns, and sleeve lengths because these are perfect for layering!

Motherhood Maternity Leggings - another thing you will want several pairs of!

Women's Nursing Seamless Bra - I thought I needed a special nursing bra from a maternity store, but these are way more comfortable AND cost about half the price!

Padded Compression Socks - even if you aren't up on your feet a lot, these compression socks feel great on your legs and help with circulation.

UGG sheepskin boots - do you really need an excuse to get a pair of these? I wanted all the cushion I could get for my feet as they grew, so a new pair was in order. If you just need a little more cushion for a pair you already have, you can always order new sole inserts at their site as well. ugg.com

Leachco bed pillow - Ok. Everyone - pregnant, not pregnant, female, male - was envious of this amazing pillow. It is AMAZING for belly and knee/lower back support when you eventually have to sleep on your side or if you just want something extra to prop up your legs and snuggle up with on the couch. I can't recommend this enough! nordstrom.com

Those are my favorite comfort items - what helped you stay comfy and cozy during your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments!

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